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I love seniors. I always have. While in college I volunteered at the local senior center. In my twenties I called isolated seniors in their homes so they heard a friendly voice from time to time. It is a blessing to me that I can now spend my days helping seniors and caregivers navigate their care needs. 

My entire career has been in sales.  That said,  I don’t think I’m a very good salesperson! As it turns out, I’m an excellent problem solver and very resourceful. Once clients figured that out, they consistently sent their business to me...and told other people.  My success has allowed me to step away from traditional sales and do what I love - serve seniors.

Home is Eden Prairie, MN with my husband and son. I enjoy golf, our cabin and serving at Westwood Community Church.  

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I like everything simple and straight forward. I believe most people will benefit from my consultation and will not require ongoing care management. I’m including care management as a service because I know the need is there.  

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